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Sidelined No More

Sidelined No More discusses one of the greatest struggles of a wife married to a high-profile professional athlete: losing her identity. When she's thrust into a world of fame, fortune, stress, and pressure, few can relate or comprehend.

As a former NFL wife herself, author Eileen Noyes will walk with you on a journey to get you out of the shadows and truly living again.


Rise Up, Lady Bellator

In Rise Up, Lady Bellator, Eileen discusses the struggle all women face at some point: losing her identity, longing to be seen, questioning her worth, and being nudged to seek a deeper sense of purpose.

Eileen shares how she is no longer held captive to her past, her doubts, her fears, or her insecurities. Sheโ€™s come out of the shadows to live out the calling God has for her and desires to help other women do the same.


Broken Chapters - 21 Testimonies of How God Rewrites Our Life Stories

A Faith-Building Anthology with True Stories of God's Faithfulness, Care, and Power! Read true stories from several authors including Eileen Noyes.

In Broken Chapters, each chapter's author writes about the way they each personally experienced difficult situations and how they saw God show up in the midst of their pain. God is still in the business of restoring joy, restoring fortunes, restoring identity, and healing broken places today. Nothing is too difficult for Him.