"She wraps herself in strength, might, and power in all her works. She tastes and experiences a better substance, and her shining light will not be extinguished, no matter how dark the night." ‭‭

Proverbs 31:17-18 TPT

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Rise Up, Lady Bellator

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WHO is Lady Bellator?


Lady Bellator (Lady Warrior) was birthed from Eileen’s life experiences and heart of compassion to contend for those who have lost their identity, their voice, their pursuit to dream, and sight of their purpose.
Through her journey as a wife married to an NFL athlete, she slowly shriveled into an empty shell of outward beauty. From the outside looking in, others saw fame, fortune, a model family, and a trophy wife who seemed to have it all together until it all came crashing down for the world to see.
As God helped her pick up the pieces of a broken marriage, single motherhood to her 8 children, and gain the strength to remarry and start all over, she shares her story of God’s faithfulness, power, and redemption. Through her authorship, mentoring, and coaching, Eileen is showing women who feel sidelined by life’s circumstances how to live in FULLNESS of who God created her to be. 


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