Do you have a sense you're meant for more, but don't know what that MORE is? Want to find out? 

I invite you to join me for the...   









YES! I want to join the MEANT FOR MORE Challenge!!

During the hardest times of my life, God reassured me that none of it would be wasted, that He wasn’t done with me yet, and that I was MEANT FOR MORE.

He wants to reveal that to YOU as well…


Join Author and Mentor, Eileen Noyes, as she guides you to hear God reveal the MORE you’re meant for.

In this 5 Day Challenge You Will...

  • Tap into the MORE God has been preparing you for
  • Uncover the lies holding you back from the MORE God has for you
  • Shift your mindset to step through the door of your MORE
  • Enter into a sisterhood of faith-filled warrior princesses; all of us meant for MORE as Lady Bellators
 Challenge Begins Monday April 1st, 9:00am PST. 

(Replays available for those who can't attend live)

YES! I want to join the MEANT FOR MORE Challenge!!

~ Kaye (Mentee)

Eileen has been a voice of grounded wisdom, sound inspiration, and humble discernment during a time when I could have easily chosen to remain broken and allowed depression to take over my life.

~ Sarah (Mentee)

Eileen has the ability to impart God’s truth to women, showing us what God would like us to see in ourselves. We are Lady Bellators!

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Dear fellow Lady Bellator,

Have you ever reflected on your life experiences and wondered why you've had to go through some things? Have you ever felt like life might be passing you by because of the challenges, trials, and hardships you’re facing?

I’ve been there. I’ve wondered why life brought certain things my way. I’ve asked the questions, “God, why did that have to happen to me? What was it all for?”

In my asking, He had an answer. He showed me that nothing was in vain and nothing was wasted. He began to unfold His plan that I’ve always been MEANT FOR MORE.

Hi, I'm Eileen Noyes, creator of the MEANT FOR MORE Challenge -- your advocate; your cheerleader, and your encourager to help you realize you too are MEANT FOR MORE.

  • What if you can have a totally different mindset on the challenges you face?
  • What if you could see that the trials aren’t happening to you, but happening FOR you and will be used for your good?
  • What if you could begin seeing hardships as a training ground for something more, with impact far greater than you imagined?
  • What if you could step into who God sees you to be and what He’s been preparing you for?

If this is you. If you want to pursue the answer to these questions… Then join me for the 5-day Meant for MORE Challenge and let's explore your MORE.


YES! I want to join the MEANT FOR MORE Challenge!!

~ Lucia (Reader)

Being one of those mamas who has always fought for her kids, her marriage, and her legacy in a world that has tried to destroy the very fabric of THE FAMILY, I have literally devoured this book!

The pages are packed full of practical strategies and tools to help every woman rise up and take her authority in the Kingdom of God as she lives out her life captivated by the journey He has her on.

~ Robynn (Reader)

Eileen openly shares her story, full of challenges and heartbreak. But that's not the end of the story. She refused to be defeated, knowing and trusting God to work all things for her good because she loves Him. And now, looking back, she is able to see the beautiful story of redemption woven

Eileen infuses joy and hope. And she challenges her readers to trust God and be all they were designed to be, living in the fullness of their identity in Christ.

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Meet Your Host 

Eileen Noyes

In 2001, I left everything I knew to join my spouse as he started his journey in the NFL. After 9 years in the league, 8 children together, and a rocky, “never thought it would happen” divorce after 16 years, I found myself searching for me —

  • Who am I?
  • What was my purpose in this life?
  • Was I made for more than all the hardships I went through?

God answered those questions and more… He made it clear there was more to my life than just enduring the hard stuff. He reassured me He was not done with me yet. He reminded me that He would be faithful to use my life experiences to not only build my character and strengthen me, He would use it to raise up others.

It’s time, ladies. It's time for us to rise up and step into who we already are in the eyes of our Father -- to step into the MORE as Lady Bellators.

I  invite you to join me on this journey. I’m confident you won’t regret it.

YES! I want to join the MEANT FOR MORE Challenge!!